Coursework in ASD

Both coursework and comprehensive certificate programs in ASD are now offered and recognized at a number of colleges and universities throughout Virginia.  Because enhancing knowledge and skills of service providers is one of VAC’s primary goals, the VAC has created a system to review comprehensive certificate programs in ASD to determine whether they are in alignment with the Skill Competencies for Paraprofessionals and Professionals Serving Individuals with Autism across the Lifespan (Skill Competencies). Below is a list of all of the programs in Virginia that are aligned with the Skill Competencies. Courses created using the skill competencies provide information critical to supporting individuals with ASD.

Below you will find a list of the recognized college and university programs with links to each of the VAC recognized colleges and universities throughout Virginia. Click on the link of a particular college or university to find offerings in autism. Only those that have been recognized by the VAC (i.e., providing courses in alignment with the Skill Competencies are provided.  Please note that this is not a comprehensive list. There are courses offered at other colleges and universities in Virginia. Students are encouraged to check with local colleges and universities for additional listings.

Recognized College and University Coursework in ASD

The VAC has reviewed the coursework for these colleges and universities and recognizes them for 2020.

These colleges and universities have been recognized by VAC in the past.


If you are interested in having your coursework reviewed by the VAC and listed as meeting the Skill Competencies criteria, please contact us.