Competencies Resources

  • VA Adult and Adolescent Skill Competencies with PD Tracker
    This document guides best practice in supporting individuals with autism in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Attached to this document is a Skill Competencies Tracker that is intended to be used to monitor the professional development of professionals and paraprofessionals working with individuals with autism. The purpose of the Tracker is to illustrate who you are and your evolving skills and abilities and movement towards proficiency in competency areas.
  • These competencies are based upon consistent findings from the research community. Decades of research have provided a number of evidence based strategies effective for the treatment, education, and support of individuals with autism in school and community based settings. Additionally, as the research literature continues to expand, there are a number of emerging practices that have been identified. Therefore, these competencies are based on the best and most promising practices that have been identified through research as critical to address the needs of individuals with autism.
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