Autism Resources

Virginia Autism Resource Organizations

Commonwealth Autism Service

Virginia Autism Council

Virginia Autism Resource Center


Virginia Board for People with Disabilities

Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center for Excellence

Virginia Department of Education


National Autism Resources Organizations

Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Autism Self-Advocacy Network

Autism Society of America

Autism Support Network

Autism Speaks

National Autism Center

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Organization for Autism Research



Adolescent/Adult Resources

Life After High School

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

National Division on Career Development and Transition

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center

Virginia Department of Education Transition Site

Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services


Professional Development

VDOE’s state-wide Training and Technical Assistance Centers

Virginia Commonwealth University Autism Center for Excellence

Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI)


This directory is provided for informational purposes in the hope that individuals and families will more easily find providers and resources to meet their individual needs. Many of the resources have been provided by families; individual experiences with providers will vary from one family to another. The inclusion of a particular provider is not an endorsement of that provider by the ​VAC​.

The ​Virginia Autism Council Executive Council​ reserves the right to refuse to include any organization, business, or group where evidence-based practices are not evident