Interactive Trainings

A core mission of the Virginia Autism Council (VAC) is to increase knowledge and understanding of autism spectrum disorder in the wider community in order to maximize individual outcomes. To meet this goal, VAC promotes the provision of exemplary training in topics related to ASD through several means.

First, VAC develops interactive training workshops on topics that address the gaps in the autism service delivery system.

Second, members of VAC provide live trainings throughout the Commonwealth to service providers and family members.

Finally, given the wide-spread training needs throughout the state required to improve the skills and knowledge of service providers and enhance understanding of family members, VAC makes its interactive training workshops available to individuals or agencies who can present the information to an audience wishing to learn more about ASD.

VAC makes it easy to provide quality training on a number of topics related to ASD. You do not need to spend precious time developing an intensive training. Instead you can use your time building knowledge and skills in your community!

Service providers or family members who have extensive experience in ASD may order and deliver any of the 7 training workshops developed by VAC.  The Virginia Autism Council handles much of the work!  VAC provides a comprehensive workshop complete with presenter notes, scripts, and a kit that contains many of the materials needed to present the workshop.

Training Workshops Available

Strategies for Supporting Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Strategies for Supporting Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Strategies for Supporting Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Transition Planning: It is All About What Your Child Wants to Do
Transitioning to Adulthood with ASD: What Parents and Guardians Need to Know
My Child was Just Identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder: Now What Do I Do?
Learning, Living, and Working with Asperger Syndrome (AS)